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For Over 30 Years My Students have Earned the Highest Grades and Top SAT & ACT scores.

Private Online Math Tutor for Schoolwork Grades 7-12 and SAT & ACT Preparation

Ph.D. Harvard, B.S. MIT, 30+ Years of Experience.

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You cannot learn math properly with a keyboard or canned lessons, and that is what the commodity firms do! While mediocre tutoring can be done at scale, premium tutoring cannot. The best learning requires the best teacher, and working together by writing interactively. It’s like your student and I are standing in front of a blackboard.

An unparalleled online tutoring experience. The very best instruction coupled with real-time two-way freestyle writing. The photographs demonstrate Perdocere’s pen enabled online tutoring – whiteboard, voice, and other interactive technologies. Every lesson is one-on-one and customized to the needs of my students. We don’t fumble with a mouse to write equations, nor work at a reduced pace with generic tutoring software. Together, we write and share information effortlessly during lessons.

The most important validation is what parents and students have to say, so please see the growing list of hundreds of testimonials (prominent ones may surprise you). Reading through these testimonials will be more informative than anything I could write on this web site. I have tutored students online for years and have fine-tuned the online educational experience. In addition, by tutoring online, my huge collection of books and resources is readily available. For example, when one of my students chose to spend a year abroad in Viterbo, Italy, the system worked seamlessly. In my own home, I send my children to their computers to receive my instruction, it works that well and is that engaging! No matter where you are, if you have a good internet connection and desire the best possible instruction, then I welcome you to call me directly at 781-278-0084.

One tutor and an unprecedented list of hundreds of testimonials.

Recognized by parents, students, and other tutors for providing by far the best private tutoring.