Online Tutoring

Online from Boston • Grades 7-12 • SAT & ACT

Real-Time Two-Way Writing as We Study, Prepare for Tests, and Work Through Problems Together.

Dr. George
Harvard Ph.D.
Perdocere, Inc.

What Happens During an Online Lesson

All lessons are one-on-one. My student and I connect on a real-time two-way whiteboard to write at the same time while talking and learning the material.

For academic subject tutoring, I will obtain a copy of your child’s textbook. I also ask for copies of everything the student receives from school: handouts, homework assignments, test and quiz schedules, etc. I will review all these materials to thoroughly understand teacher expectations, and then personally educate your child to earn top grades. Your child will learn from me, deliver at school, and impress their teacher.

For SAT & ACT math preparation, I will first assess your child’s abilities and capabilities, and also assign a practice test to determine a baseline. The entire preparation curriculum will be custom designed by me specifically for your child. I will teach the necessary material, problem solving skills, calculator usage, timing, and more. No tricks nor gimmicks, top scores are obtained by properly learning the math and proceeding with the next practice test only after the previous one is mastered.

I am very proud of my private tutoring students for consistently earning top grades and scores – and it is my sincere pleasure to craft students to think, become creative problem solvers, and excel with true competitive advantage.

Press play, that’s me writing. During an actual lesson, my student and I are both writing at the same time.
A true online tutoring experience. The verified best teaching coupled with leading online technologies. All lessons are one-on-one and provided only by me. We write at the same time, on the same real-time whiteboard, as we talk and work through problems together. An online pencil and paper approach, fine tuned for over a decade. Setup is easy, and I will help you make certain everything is working correctly before your child’s first lesson.