SAT scores are here and Perdocere students averaged 760 on the Math SAT.
Approbation with Distinction to those who scored a perfect 800.
Over the years, Perdocere students not have only received the highest
grades at school, but also the highest standardized test scores.
Congratulations to all my students, well done!

Ph.D. Harvard, B.S. MIT, 30 Years of Experience.
In-person or online tutoring from the same experienced Ph.D.
Please read hundreds of parent and student testimonials.

Perdocere Math Tutoring 781-278-0084 Recognized as the Best Tutoring by Parents and Students

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Download parent and student testimonials as one pdf file (42 pages).

Perdocere's 2016 First Place Blue Ribbon "Grand Slam" Award
for providing by far the best private instruction available.

Perdocere Math Tutoring and Science Tutoring

Perdocere (Latin, present active infinitive) "To Teach or Instruct Thoroughly"
Unsurpassed Academic Excellence for Math and Science, Grades 6-12.
Online tutoring conveniently providing my services to wherever you are.

The foundation our students receive today will define tomorrow.
- Dr. George "the old country doctor for tutoring"

Perdocere is proud, year after year, to provide by far the very best one-on-one tutoring for School Work and SAT, ACT, and PSAT math preparation. Customized instruction for high school students, middle school students, and college calculus. The most important validation is what parents and students have to say. Please take a moment to read the huge and growing list of hundreds of parent and student testimonials and read the about page to learn more. My goal is not just to have 'set the bar' for the very best math tutoring available, but to continuously raise it. I hold a Ph.D. from Harvard, a B.S. from MIT, and have over thirty years of experience. I personally provide online one-on-one tutoring for the U.S. and Europe, using a customized assembly of interactive technologies that by far exceeds the experience of face-to-face tutoring. With very many years of online tutoring experience, I am proud to offer the best possible private instruction.

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"Recognized as the Best Math and Science Tutoring by Parents and Students"

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