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My qualifications – Ph.D. Harvard, B.S. MIT, 30+ Years of Experience.
Private Math Tutoring for Grades 7-12 and SAT & ACT Preparation.

Math tutoring and SAT math prep.

All tutoring is one-on-one and provided only by me. The result is that your child receives the best private instruction, second to none. -Dr. George.

”We are absolutely thrilled with what George has done with our son. He has instilled a sense of confidence, made him realize that he can excel academically and allowed him to set his sights on things that he never thought he could achieve. George is incredibly knowledgeable, extremely approachable and a fantastic teacher. He has gone out of his way to make sure that our son is always prepared for his next challenge. George will be part of our family’s academic life for years to come!!”

Please read the growing list of hundreds of testimonials.

I am proud to provide the highest quality private tutoring for high school and middle school students. Customized instruction for Schoolwork, SAT & ACT, and SAT Subject Test preparation. The most important validation is what parents and students have to say, so please read the growing list of hundreds of testimonials, and follow the links on this site to learn more. Whether focusing on Schoolwork, SAT, or ACT preparation, I teach my students to think and become creative problem solvers. This is the foundation which results in good grades, high test scores, and future success. When our children go to college, if they have the best foundation and know how to think on their feet, they will be confident and successful, and we (parents) won’t worry. Perdocere is a true one-person premium tutor service, and my goal is not just to have set the bar for the best private tutoring and standardized test preparation available, but to continuously raise it.

The foundation our students receive today will define tomorrow.
– Dr. George (me) the old country doctor for tutoring

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