Perdocere is proud, year after year, to provide by far the best one-on-one math and science tutoring for high school and middle school students. My students and I undertake an unparalleled educational journey, in the form of a one-on-one master apprentice relationship, that is intellectually transformative and leads to personal growth. Tailored instruction for School Work, SAT & ACT, and SAT Subject Test preparation. The most important validation is what parents and students have to say, so please take a moment to read the substantial and growing list of hundreds of parent and student testimonials and follow the links on this site to learn more. My goal is not just to have set the bar for the very best private instruction available, but to continuously raise it. I hold a Ph.D. from Harvard University, a B.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, am a graduate of the Boston Latin School, and have over thirty years of experience. Using a customized assembly of interactive online technologies, I tutor students across the country, in my home region surrounding Wellesley, MA, and even when they study abroad.

We have had many tutors in the past and George by comparison is extraordinary. George’s weekly sessions helped my high school boys achieve never before A’s in their math classes. My husband and I were so impressed with his intelligence, dedication and patience. We highly recommend George! (read hundreds more testimonials)

The foundation our students receive today will define tomorrow.
– Dr. George the old country doctor for tutoring