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Dr. George holds a Ph.D. from Harvard, a B.S. from MIT, and has over thirty years of experience enabling students in Grades 7-12 to excel. All instruction has been online for a decade. His academic distinction is underscored by the fact that upon completing studies at MIT, he was offered admission with full scholarships to doctoral programs at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. This included receiving two separate offers of admission from Harvard the same year for two different doctoral programs, both with full scholarships and a letter of commendation from the academic dean for the rarity of this achievement. He had to turn down one of the Harvard offers in order to accept the other and was also a Fiske Scholar at Harvard.

Thinking, not memorization - remove stress.

Thinking, not memorization:
An equation, fact, or method that is merely memorized will easily be forgotten. A student who does well by just memorizing or following fixed procedures will later find themselves with a serious disadvantage. I emphasize proper comprehension and the ability to creatively use knowledge, resulting in the Highest Grades at School and Top SAT & ACT scores. This is the intent of school exams, standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT, college admissions, and future success. The goal is not just to get into the college of choice, but also to succeed there!

What does Perdocere mean?

What does Perdocere mean?
The word “Perdocere” is Latin, present active infinitive. It translates as “To Teach or Instruct Thoroughly”. I chose this name carefully, and it is validated by the huge and growing list of parent and student testimonials. Over the years, the name Perdocere has become synonymous for the best and most prominent private instruction available.
[principal parts: perdoceo, perdocere, perdocui, perdoctus]

Personalized attention for every student.

Personalized attention:
Perdocere is intentionally a one-person tutoring company providing customized one-on-one instruction. Each student receives the highest quality education and individualized attention, always from the same experienced Ph.D. This model provides a level of educational excellence that a franchise, commodity tutor broker (there are far too many of those), multi-tutor company, or class setting could not possibly approach. My private students consistently outperform others. I do not enroll students and then hire tutors to dispatch. My time is spent preparing for and educating your child myself. Perdocere is a true premium tutoring company. The result is that your child receives the highest quality education, second to none. Parents can sleep well at night.

If senior school officials get tutoring for their children, you should too.

Should families get tutoring?
When very senior school officials have their own children tutored, the writing is on the wall. Tutoring is an undertaking to enhance learning and performance, whether it be maintaining grades, catching up, or excelling beyond the curriculum. Remember, although good grades at school are considered the better predictor for college success, both high grades and SAT & ACT scores are necessary. Perdocere provides by far the best tutoring for schoolwork and standardized test preparation.

I also tutor college students.

Do you also teach college students?
Absolutely. I have tutored calculus, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and more to college students. You may be premed, economics, business, etc. and have to do well in calculus. You may just want to satisfy your requirements, happily excel in your concentration, and never see math again. Whatever your needs, I will help you earn high grades by properly teaching the material, providing clear explanations, working out problems, studying for tests and quizzes, and removing stress.

I also tutor younger students.

Do you teach younger students?
Yes. The sooner a student learns to think clearly and develop problem solving skills, the sooner the seeds are planted for future intellectual growth and curiosity. Please call to learn more. I not only teach math to younger students, but also the lost art of English grammar and sentence diagramming.

Recognized by parents, students, and others in the industry for providing by far the best private tutoring.

Perdocere has been flattered.

Perdocere has been flattered:
It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Perdocere is constantly being flattered, but never reproduced. The combination of the one-person tutoring model together with the extensive experience and qualifications of the instructor make Perdocere stand out significantly from the rest. For example, a senior level tutor from a national chain recently called to request that I teach them SAT & ACT preparation! I gracefully said no (also, it would take too many years to unteach and then properly educate them), but it is a compliment that competitors desire Perdocere’s unsurpassed talent for instruction.

Practice problems in blue appear throughout my website and change periodically. Topics and difficulties vary. Have your children try them.

Solve for R + S. This is a straightforward algebra problem.

\[\begin{array}{c} \color{blue} { \eqalign{ & {{9x + 12} \over {{x^2} – 16}} = {R \over {x + 4}} + {S \over {x – 4}} \cr & \cr} } \end{array}\]


Dr. George re-defines the definition of tutor. We have never met anyone with his credentials, mastery of the subject and infinite sense of caring and can-do attitude.