About Dr. George, Ph.D.

Qualifications, Private Online Tutor for Grades 7-12

Dr. George holds a Ph.D. from Harvard, a B.S. from MIT, and has over 30 years of experience enabling high school and middle school students to excel. His academic distinction is underscored by the fact that upon completing studies at MIT, he was admitted with full scholarships to doctoral programs at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. This included receiving two separate offers of admission from Harvard the same year for two different doctoral programs, both with full scholarships and a letter of commendation from Harvard’s academic dean for the rarity of this achievement. He had to turn down one of the Harvard offers to accept the other and was also a Fiske Scholar at Harvard. In addition to being extremely respected in the educational community, Dr. George has authored numerous publications and presentations.

Personalized Attention

Perdocere is intentionally a one person tutoring corporation providing tailored one-on-one instruction. Each student receives the highest quality education and individualized attention, always from the same experienced Ph.D. This model provides a level of educational excellence that a class setting, chain, franchise, or tutor broker could not possibly approach. Perdocere students consistently outperform others. I do not enroll students and then hire tutors to dispatch. My time is spent preparing for and educating your student myself. Perdocere is a true premium tutoring service. The result is that your student receives the highest quality instruction, second to none.

SAT & ACT Preparation

Perdocere is proud to provide by far the best math preparation for the SAT and ACT. Teach the required material, drill practice exams, detailed decomposition of and solutions to problems, expose underlying themes, question categories, time management, and test taking strategies. Perdocere takes a unique approach to teaching the math portions of these tests – Perdocere actually teaches the math! No tricks that try to replace learning and comprehension, no gimmicks with fancy names, no relying on memorizing formulas. High scores are earned through a combination of tailored instruction, diligent work by the student, developing proper problem solving and test taking skills, and drilling practice exams. Perdocere students consistently achieve superior scores and develop creative problem solving skills for success now and in the future.

Academic Subject Tutoring, Grades 7-12

Perdocere is proud to provide the absolute best private instruction for schoolwork, homework, and exam preparation for high school, middle school, and college calculus. Individualized instruction for students who either need to catch up, maintain grades, or excel beyond their curriculum. Work with the student’s curriculum, teach the material in the way each individual student learns best, detailed decomposition of and solutions to problems, and augment the curriculum. Correctly build or rebuild mathematical foundations, improve study habits, test taking abilities, organizational skills, build self-esteem and confidence. The writings of Quintilian on education are relevant and insightful for parents and students.

Whether to take the SAT or ACT?

The most certain way to determine whether a student has a propensity for one test over the other is to take a separate practice test for each. Perdocere not only analyzes the results of these practice tests, but assesses the abilities and capabilities of the student by direct observation during the examination process. It is usually straight forward to then determine which test is better suited for the student. Single tests that attempt to determine this propensity suffer from a lack of consideration for a wide variety of factors. The math portions of the SAT and ACT are distinctly different and require very different preparation.

Thinking, not memorization

An equation, fact, or method that is merely memorized will easily be forgotten. A student who does well by just memorizing or following fixed procedures will later find themselves with a serious disadvantage. I emphasize proper comprehension and the ability to creatively use knowledge. This is the intent of school exams, standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT, college admissions, and future success. The goal is not just to get into the college of choice, but also to succeed there!

What does Perdocere mean?

The word “Perdocere” is Latin, present active infinitive. It translates as “To Teach or Instruct Thoroughly”. I chose this name very carefully, and it is validated by the huge and growing list of hundreds of parent and student testimonials. Over the years, the name Perdocere has become synonymous for the best and most prominent private instruction available.

Should families get tutoring?

When superintendents and very senior school officials have their own children tutored, the writing is on the wall. Tutoring is an undertaking to enhance learning, whether it be maintaining performance, catching up, or excelling beyond the curriculum. Although grades at school are considered the better predictor for college success, both good grades and high SAT/ACT scores are necessary. Perdocere provides by far the best tutoring for both schoolwork and standardized test preparation. On that note, lower quality tutoring does more harm than good, and those who are price shopping should beware. A defunct franchise once advertised to potential owners that educational experience was not necessary, and this gross mistake requires no clarification. High quality tutoring cannot be run as a commodity business, it’s about the student, the best tutor, and their journey together towards educational excellence.

Worried about college admissions?

I can make certain that your student’s Grades and SAT & ACT scores shine. Grades at school are now more important than ever. Cohort learning and math classes meeting only twice a week during this pandemic simply doesn’t work. For your own benefit, lookup the admissions staff at the colleges you’re interested in, and then their LinkedIn profiles, you may feel better (or worse). Knowing who is assessing applications, and their own backgrounds and qualifications, is enlightening. Be yourself, but also know your audience.

Perdocere has been Flattered

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Perdocere is constantly being flattered, but never reproduced. The combination of the one-person tutoring model together with the extensive experience and qualifications of the instructor makes Perdocere stand out significantly from the rest. For example, once a senior level tutor from a now defunct franchise called to request that I teach them SAT preparation! I gracefully said no (also, it would take too many years to properly train an educator), but it is a compliment that competitors desire Perdocere’s unsurpassed talent for instruction. Perdocere is proud not only to have set the bar for the very best private tutoring, but to continuously raise it.

“The foundation our students receive today will define tomorrow.”
Dr. George, Ph.D.