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For Over Thirty Years and a Decade Online, My Private Math Tutoring Students Performed Exceptionally in Grades 7-12 and Earned the Highest SAT & ACT Math Scores.

Dr. George
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The achievements of my students are what matter, so please see the growing list of hundreds of testimonials.

Very proud to provide the recognized and verified best private math tutoring for high school and middle school students. Customized instruction for Schoolwork and SAT & ACT preparation. I empower my students with knowledge and comprehension, teaching them to think clearly, become creative problem solvers, and excel with competitive advantage. This results in the top grades at school, highest standardized test scores, confidence, and future success. I have tutored students in grades 7-12 for over thirty years, online for over a decade, and my expertise includes the rare art of properly crafting minds at these important stages. My goal is not just to have set the bar for the actual best private instruction, but to continuously raise it.

Properly teaching and crafting minds to think, become creative problem solvers, and rise to their full potential.