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Very proud to provide the known best private math tutoring for the SAT. Customized online instruction using real-time pen enabled technologies, a digital pencil and paper approach. I take a unique path to teaching the math portion of the SAT – I actually teach the material! No tricks that try to replace learning and comprehension, no gimmicks with fancy names, no relying on memorizing formulas. High scores are earned through a combination of the best tailored instruction and steady progress by the student. My students consistently achieve top scores and develop creative problem solving skills for success now and in the future. Remember, the goal is not just to get into your college of choice, but also to succeed there!

  • Teach the material in the way each individual student learns best.
  • Drill and dissect practice exams.
  • Detailed decomposition of and clear solutions to problems.
  • Solve a problem many different ways.
  • Develop real problem solving skills, no memorization.
  • Expose underlying themes and question categories.
  • Time management and test taking strategies.
  • Build self-esteem and confidence for test day.
  • Let the student relish in their victory as a skilled problem solver.

The journey is a master apprentice relationship between your child and myself. The SAT or ACT have been approached wrongly by too many. These tests represent opportunities to correctly learn material from high school and develop superb problem solving skills. Use them to the advantage of the student, who not only benefits enormously from the process, but also feels a great sense of accomplishment by earning a high score. With this in hand, your child becomes further equipped for future college success. Call and I will explain the process in detail, from building or rebuilding foundations to acing the test.

When choosing to take the SAT or ACT (or both), the most certain way to determine whether a student has a propensity for one over the other is to take a separate practice test for each. I analyze the results of these practice tests with the student by going over problems while assessing abilities and capabilities. I discover strengths, weaknesses, and learn how each individual student learns best. It is usually straight forward to then determine which test is better suited for the student and how to proceed with teaching and obtaining high scores. Single tests that attempt to determine this propensity suffer from a lack of consideration for a wide variety of factors (others use single tests because it is easier for them, not better for the student). The math portions of the SAT and ACT are distinctly different and require very different preparation.

Results matter and the most important validation is what parents and students have to say, so please take a moment to read the constantly growing list of hundreds of detailed parent and student testimonials with prominent named confirmations. Reading through these reviews will be more informative than anything I could write on this web site.

Read all of the full length testimonials here. It will take about an hour to cycle through the excerpts below.

“George is not merely a tutor – he is a real educator. He knows that what helps students perform well on tests is the same as what makes them good students. A solid academic foundation pays dividends throughout schooling and careers, and George never loses sight of that in his...
“I have known George for decades. He has a very clear and dramatic effect enabling students to think and rise to their full potential. George’s influence on so many lives has had significant impact, and I greatly admire him for doing this.” Professor William A. Goddard III, California Institute of...
“George, many, many thanks for all your hard work with our son. You were the only outside tutor we used that truly put your heart and soul into his success – from identifying weak areas to intensively reinforcing all areas. His results speak volumes about how you opened up his...
“Thanks to George I am getting an A in honors pre-calculus. Not only am I understanding the material fully, I find myself thinking outside the curriculum and trying to learn more advanced math. Only George could have taught me this high a level of math, and he is currently preparing...
“Our middle school son started to have difficulties in mathematics. After working with him, George was able to assess and pinpoint his areas of difficulty. In addition, George had the patience and teaching strategies that worked with our son. Now he enjoys the challenge of math and feels so much...
“A word of advice: start with George early. Building the proper foundation in math is crucial to getting good grades in all years of high school as well as good SAT math scores.”
“George re-defines the definition of tutor. We have never met anyone with his credentials, mastery of the subject and infinite sense of caring and can-do attitude. The stress level as it relates to school work has gone way down in our home since he began tutoring our daughter. We only...
“I have always struggled with math, but George has helped me conquer the beast.”
“During my sophomore year in high school, before I began tutoring with George, I worried constantly about the effect my math grade would have on my grade point average. George started teaching me during the beginning of my junior year, and now, having graduated from high school, I can look...
“I love working with George. He is so intelligent and can explain concepts in so many ways that it is easy for me to understand. What I appreciated the most is how supportive he is. He makes me feel that I can achieve anything!”
“George made a huge difference in how our son approached math problem solving, as well as in how to take the SAT. George quickly identified fundamental mathematic deficiencies and provided the education required so that these principles can now be applied in any setting, not just in taking the SAT....
“800 – we thought that sort of score was something unattainable – something that only a few gifted students achieved. And now our son (who we love dearly but never considered to be a particularly gifted math student) has brought home 800s twice – once on the SAT and once...
“I don’t know how I would’ve made it through calculus, physics or organic chemistry without George. I often had these classes with multiple upper level biology courses to deal with in the same semester, having George as a tutor gave me the extra help I needed. George was always available...
“When George takes on a student, for him it is not just a job, for him it is a commitment which he honors spectacularly. A commitment to help you do well in school and also a commitment to actually learn the subject matter.”
“George works miracles! When I first started with George, I took a practice SAT and sadly got a 550. George explained that he was going to rebuild my math knowledge and rewire how I looked at math problems. Over the course of the summer and fall, George continued to work...
“He takes the time to understand the individual needs of our child, and goes the extra mile to make sure our son has all the material needed to be successful. He builds a clear picture for success with forward thinking and planning, makes sure the child is at ease, and...

Properly teaching and crafting minds to think, become creative problem solvers, and rise to their full potential.