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For Over 30 Years, Proud that My Students have Earned the Highest Grades and Top SAT & ACT Scores.

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Math Tutoring for Grades 7-12 and SAT & ACT Preparation.

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-Dr. George

Ph.D. Harvard, B.S. MIT

I think George is not merely a tutor – he is a real educator. He knows that what helps students perform well on tests is the same as what makes them good students. A solid academic foundation pays dividends throughout schooling and careers, and George never loses sight of that in his work.

Marlyn E. McGrath
Director of Admissions
Harvard University

One Tutor and an Unprecedented List of Hundreds of Testimonials.

I have known George for decades. He has a very clear and dramatic effect enabling students to think and rise to their full potential. George’s influence on so many lives has had significant impact, and I greatly admire him for doing this.

Professor William A. Goddard III
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Crafting students to think and become creative problem solvers.

Recognized by parents, students, and other tutors for providing by far the best private tutoring.

”Before working with George, I thought of math as a drudgery. The subject required a lot of work and study, but it seemed to me that no matter how hard I applied myself, I could not affect a change in my grade. Math was a chore and an ugly spot on my report card. After being taught by George, however, that all changed. George takes the time to explain the mechanics behind a formula, never allowing memorization where there is understanding to be had. Under George’s tutelage, I began to see the beauty of mathematics, and as my interest in the subject grew, I found myself considering it less a boring necessity, but a more rewarding challenge. George’s teaching has turned my opinion of math completely on its head, and also yielded pleasant results during the final exam. Although my term grades before meeting George were not fantastic, I was able to score highly enough on my final exam to bring my overall math grade up to an A-. Without George’s careful guidance, this certainly would not have been possible. I cannot recommend his services highly enough – under George, not only my grades, but also my outlook on math changed for the better.”

Year after year, I am proud to personally provide by far the best math and science tutoring available to Wellesley for both high school and middle school students. The most important validation is what parents and students have to say, so please read the growing list of hundreds of testimonials. I hold a Ph.D. from Harvard, a B.S. from MIT, and have over thirty years of experience. All instruction is provided only by me. Whether focusing on schoolwork or SAT & ACT preparation, I teach my students to think and become creative problem solvers. This is the foundation which results in good grades at school, high standardized test scores, and future college success. Perdocere is a true one-person premier tutor service, providing unmatched educational excellence for each and every one of my students.

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