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For over 30 years and a decade online, my private students have earned the Highest Grades at School 7-12 and Top SAT & ACT Scores.

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Dr. George – President & Founder, Perdocere Inc.
Ph.D. Harvard

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Algebra • Geometry • Trigonometry • Precalculus • Calculus

“I’m in honors math. However, I couldn’t handle Algebra-II as well as Honors Geometry. So my grade began to slip so my parents called George. It was the best decision. George knows everything about math and he was able to guide me through the daunting path of Algebra-II and Trigonometry. He made everything less intimidating, and within no time, my grade was back up. George is definitely going to be my tutor next year.”

Hundreds of detailed testimonials with very prominent named verifications. I am proud of each and every one of my students. Please take a moment to read through their accomplishments, as it is the best way to learn about my tutoring. I prefer no hype, and what matters is a long-term track record of successful students. Although most colleges practice holistic admissions, behind the closed doors of admissions committees the top scores and grades still matter.

The recognized best tutoring coupled with leading online technologies. Real-time two-way writing, document cameras, and other interactive technologies. You cannot do math with a keyboard and mouse!

By far the best tutoring available to Los Altos, CA.
Recognized by parents, students, and other tutors for providing by far the best private tutoring.

Proud to provide, by far, the best tutoring available to Los Altos Hills and Los Altos for both high school and middle school students. The most important validation is what parents and students have to say, so please read the constantly growing list of hundreds of testimonials with prominent named verifications. I hold a B.S. from MIT, a Ph.D. from Harvard, and have over thirty years of experience helping students. All instruction is provided only by me using interactive online writing technologies: whiteboard, voice, and more. While focusing on Schoolwork, SAT, or ACT preparation, I teach and mentor my students to think and become creative problem solvers. This is the foundation which results in good grades at school, high standardized test scores, and future college success. Perdocere is a true one-person premier tutor corporation, providing unmatched educational excellence for each and every one of my students from Los Altos Hills and Los Altos, across the country, and even when they study abroad.