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Real-time two-way writing, document cameras, and other interactive technologies. Online tutoring done right. This is real teaching, not just tutoring.

Perdocere is proud to provide, by far, the best private tutoring available to Highland Park for both high school and middle school students.

  • Hundreds of detailed parent and student testimonials.
  • Prominent named validations.
  • One extremely experienced tutor – Harvard Ph.D., MIT B.S.
  • Over 30 Years of Results and a Decade Online.
  • Schoolwork tutoring Grades 7-12.
  • SAT and ACT Preparation.
  • Math Level 1 and Math Level 2 SAT Subject Test preparation.
  • I personally provide all instruction.
  • Online from Boston

In addition to actually teaching the material, which is a unique approach these days, I teach my students to think and become creative problem solvers. This is what enables good grades at school, high standardized test scores, and success at college. Perdocere is a true one-person premier tutor service, providing unmatched educational excellence for each and every one of my students, from Highland Park and across the country.

Dr. George
Perdocere, Inc.

Recognized by parents, students, and other tutors for providing by far the best private tutoring.

Please read the continuously growing list of hundreds of testimonials.

George is hands down the best tutor we have ever encountered. He understands that students cannot excel in math unless their knowledge is built on a solid foundation. In tutoring my daughter, he returned to basics, discovering areas of weakness and explaining misunderstood concepts. A comment that my daughter made in passing, “I can ask George any question about math, and he can answer so that I can understand.” While he is conservative in making promises about outcomes, he committed himself 110% to ensure as successful an outcome for my daughter as possible. Our first goal was to achieve strong performance on the math SAT, where he approached the subject matter in a methodical, knowledgeable way, she scored a 780 on her first math SAT. With that successful experience under our belt, we then wanted to ensure strong classroom performance for the fourth quarter of her junior year. My daughter was receiving B+’s in her honors pre-calculus class (and averaging B’s on her tests and quizzes), but the subject matter became increasingly more challenging, and she was faltering in her ability to grasp concepts, particularly with respect to the topic of probability. George worked week in and week out to review the various chapters with my daughter, preparing her for tests, encouraging her after a difficult test. She received a B+ for her fourth quarter work, which I believe would have been significantly lower without George’s help. In order for my daughter to achieve an A- for the year, she needed a 95% on her final exam. George worked tirelessly to help her achieve this goal, but again was cautious in guaranteeing any results. My daughter and I were thrilled so see her report card a month after her final, with an A marked clearly for her final exam! We look forward to George helping us negotiate BC calculus as well as the Math Subject II test in the fall!