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Whether your child needs to catch up, maintain grades, or get ahead, for over 30 years and a decade online, my private math and science students earned the Highest Grades at School 7-12 and Top SAT & ACT Scores. Call 833-MATH-833 (833-628-4833) to speak with me directly or request a callback.

Dr. George • Ph.D. Harvard, B.S. MIT

✏️ “George is hands down the best tutor we have ever encountered. He understands that students cannot excel in math unless their knowledge is built on a solid foundation. In tutoring my daughter, he returned to basics, discovering areas of weakness and explaining misunderstood concepts. A comment that my daughter made in passing, ‘I can ask George any question about math, and he can answer so that I can understand.’ While he is conservative in making promises about outcomes, he committed himself 110% to ensure as successful an outcome for my daughter as possible. Our first goal was to achieve strong performance on the math SAT, where he approached the subject matter in a methodical, knowledgeable way, she scored a 780 on her first math SAT. With that successful experience under our belt, we then wanted to ensure strong classroom performance for the fourth quarter of her junior year. My daughter was receiving B+’s in her honors precalculus class (and averaging B’s on her tests and quizzes), but the subject matter became increasingly more challenging, and she was faltering in her ability to grasp concepts, particularly with respect to the topic of probability. George worked week in and week out to review the various chapters with my daughter, preparing her for tests, encouraging her after a difficult test. She received a B+ for her fourth quarter work, which I believe would have been significantly lower without George’s help. In order for my daughter to achieve an A- for the year, she needed a 95% on her final exam. George worked tirelessly to help her achieve this goal, but again was cautious in guaranteeing any results. My daughter and I were thrilled to see her report card a month after her final, with an A marked clearly for her final exam! We look forward to George helping us negotiate BC calculus as well as the Math Level-2 Subject test in the fall!

I prefer no hype, so please let the achievements of my students speak to my tutoring.
Dr. George, Ph.D.

Private online math and science tutoring for high school and middle school students, grades 7-12. Whether your child needs to catch up, improve grades, or excel beyond their curriculum, I will teach and mentor them to rise to their full potential.

In light of the large number of colleges and universities that are going test optional, good grades at school are more important than ever. It is the premise I have always worked with, and most of my students study with me for years, well prepared and ready for the challenges and wonderful experiences of college.

  • Teach the material in the way each individual student learns best.
  • Detailed decomposition of and clear solutions to problems.
  • Develop real problem solving skills, no memorization.
  • Augment the material with missing fundamentals and further knowledge.
  • Correctly build or rebuild foundations and craft proper understanding.
  • Improve study habits, test taking abilities, and organizational skills.
  • Build self-esteem and confidence.

Keep in mind that an equation, fact, or method that is merely memorized will easily be forgotten. A student who does well by just memorizing or following fixed procedures will later find themselves with a serious disadvantage. I emphasize proper comprehension and the ability to creatively and effectively use knowledge. This is the intent of school exams, standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT, and college success. Remember, the goal is not just to get into the college of choice, but also to succeed there!

✏️ “Before I began working with George, I was getting good grades in math but much of the time I didn’t really understand what I was doing or why I was doing it. After my first session with George, I could tell he was a different kind of teacher. He really explained the concepts instead of just teaching me steps that I had to memorize. George always makes sure that I completely understand what I am working on before we move on to a new concept. I look forward to my sessions with George. George makes the sessions fun, interesting, and challenges me to think in ways that I haven’t been taught in school. George also happens to be funny and kind and I feel he really cares about me as a student.” (96% 8th Grade Algebra Final Exam)

Also, whether studying math or science with me, or pursuing other academic subjects, the writings of Quintilian on education are insightful and relevant for parents and students. Consider this short excerpt required reading.

Results matter and the most important validation is what parents and students have to say, so please take a moment to read the constantly growing list of hundreds of detailed parent and student testimonials along with esteemed endorsements. Reading through these reviews will be more informative than anything I could write on this web site.

✏️ “George is a tutor extraordinaire. He is a born teacher who genuinely enjoys the kids he teaches and the work he does. He inspires his students to do their best and is able to establish a rapport with each of them. George has tutored my three teens for several years, responding to each one’s different abilities. He has helped them in all kinds of math, chemistry, physics, ACT, SAT – you name it, George can handle it! George has given each one a very positive learning experience, leading to greater self-confidence and enthusiasm for the subject matter. George has a wonderful ability to present concepts in a highly organized manner. All three of my kids report that George’s explanations are better than what they received at school and help them to really understand the concept as opposed to a mechanical application of ‘the rule’. None of the three ever grumbled about working with George. If they are having difficulty with a topic, they don’t panic because they know George will explain it and help them understand the issues. They all three see George as a friend as well as a tutor, as do I.

Practice problems in blue appear throughout my website and change periodically. Topics and difficulties vary. Have your children try them.

Try to figure these out:

\[\begin{array}{c} \color{blue} { \eqalign{ & \left( {{{\log }_a}b} \right)\left( {{{\log }_b}a} \right) = 1 \cr & {\log _{{a^n}}}b = {{{{\log }_a}b} \over n} \cr & {a^{{{\log }_b}c}} = {c^{{{\log }_b}a}} \cr & {\log _a}{1 \over b} = {\log _{{1 \over a}}}b \cr} } \end{array}\]


Successful student.

✏️ “Georges help in my precalculus math course was outstanding. George understood that junior year is an incredibly busy year, and he wasted no time in explaining the information to me and finding the best way to convey the message. When I felt that something was too hard to understand, he would find a new way of explaining it. George always tries to make things easier to understand, but is also concerned that I perform to my best ability. George was prepared for everything that was coming in my course, and therefore I had a great advantage in the class. I’m grateful that I not only succeeded in math, but I also had a tutor that cared just as much as I did that I succeeded.

Practice problems in blue appear throughout my website and change periodically. Topics and difficulties vary. Have your children try them.

Find all three different cube roots of 8 (hint, think complex numbers). This problem looks simple, but it’s not. If you think it’s trivial, then have a look at the answer, you may be surprised.


Teach students the material correctly, teach them to think, believe in them, encourage them, and they will succeed.”
Dr. George