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Results matter and the most important validation is what parents and students have to say, so please take a moment to read through the constantly growing list of hundreds of detailed parent and student testimonials.

I think George is not merely a tutor – he is a real educator. He knows that what helps students perform well on tests is the same as what makes them good students. A solid academic foundation pays dividends throughout schooling and careers, and George never loses sight of that in his work.
Marlyn E. McGrath
Director of Admissions
Harvard University

Academic subject tutoring:
Perdocere is proud to provide by far the best private tutoring for schoolwork, homework, and exam preparation for high school, middle school, and college calculus. Individualized instruction for students who either need to catch up, maintain grades, or excel beyond their curriculum. Work with the student’s curriculum, teach the material in the way each individual student learns best, detailed decomposition of and solutions to problems, and augment the material. Correctly build or rebuild mathematical foundations, improve study habits, test taking abilities, organizational skills, build self-esteem and confidence. I am proud to provide, by far, the best private tutoring.

Whether studying math or science with me for schoolwork, or pursuing other academic subjects, the writings of Quintilian (ancient Rome) on education are insightful and relevant for parents and students. Consider them required reading for parents.

I have had many math teachers in the past, but I have never had a math teacher like George. George is the best math teacher I have ever had; no other teacher I have ever had can even compare. It seems like my other teachers has a lesson plan and tried to make me adapt with the lesson plan. George builds his lessons around what I am capable of, so each lesson is completely learned to its fullest. He has even helped me catch up after past teachers have brought me down and held me back. I am extremely thankful that I was able to meet and learn from George, and I hope I can continue to learn from him.(‘A’ in Honors Pre-Calculus)

Our middle school son has a broader, deeper understanding of math concepts since working with George. He no longer memorizes formulas without knowing the why’s and how’s of problem solving. George can teach tough math concepts in an understandable way that translates into learning!! The success our son feels in mastering the math is a great boost to his self esteem. He just got an A+ for the year in eighth grade algebra.

Once your child has worked with George, you realize what an extraordinary teacher he truly is. George not only teaches in a professional and organized manner, he has instilled self-confidence in our son that goes beyond mathematics. Our son respects George not only for his ability to teach him, but also because he takes an interest in him personally. George not only gives careful consideration about what is being taught now, but what skills will be needed in the future. Our son took a higher level mathematics course this year than was recommended, and with George’s help he was very successful! He is a wonderful mentor, something we never expected! Thank you George!!!