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Recognized by parents, students, other tutors, and tutoring companies for providing by far the best private tutoring.

For Over 30 Years My Students have Earned the Top SAT & ACT scores and the Highest Grades at school.

Proud to be known for providing the by far the best private tutoring.

Ph.D. Harvard, B.S. MIT, 30+ Years of Experience.

I have known George for decades. He has a very clear and dramatic effect enabling students to think and rise to their full potential. George’s influence on so many lives has had significant impact, and I greatly admire him for doing this.

Professor William A. Goddard III
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

One tutor and an unprecedented list of hundreds of testimonials.

I personally provide all instruction, and the best way to proceed is to have a phone conversation directly with me. Every student is different, and I refuse to follow the commodity tutoring fad (where best fit really means whoever a tutor-broker can find). Our children are too important to be treated that way. I empower my students with knowledge, and craft them to become thinkers and creative problem solvers. The result is that your child receives the very best education, second to none.
-Dr. George 781-278-0084

I think George is not merely a tutor – he is a real educator. He knows that what helps students perform well on tests is the same as what makes them good students. A solid academic foundation pays dividends throughout schooling and careers, and George never loses sight of that in his work.

Marlyn E. McGrath
Director of Admissions
Harvard University

Proud to provide by far the best math tutoring for the SAT, ACT, and SAT subject tests. Teach the required material, drill practice exams, detailed decomposition of and solutions to problems, expose underlying themes, question categories, time management, and test taking strategies. Perdocere takes a unique approach to teaching the math portions of these tests – Perdocere actually teaches the math! No tricks that try to replace learning and comprehension, no gimmicks with fancy names, no relying on memorizing formulas. High scores are earned through a combination of the best tailored instruction, diligent work by the student, developing proper problem solving and test taking skills, and drilling practice exams. My students consistently achieve superior scores and develop creative problem solving skills for success now and in the future. Remember, the goal is not just to get into your college of choice, but also to succeed there!

When choosing to take the SAT or ACT (or both), the most certain way to determine whether a student has a propensity for one test over the other is to take a separate practice test for each. I analyze the results of these practice tests with the student by going over problems, assessing abilities and capabilities, and learning how the student needs to grow. It is usually straight forward to then determine which test is better suited for the student. Single tests that attempt to determine this propensity suffer from a lack of consideration for a wide variety of factors. The math portions of the SAT and ACT are distinctly different and require very different preparation.

SAT News:
The College Board has announced Landscape, a new rendition of its Environmental Context Dashboard (ECD).

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ACT News:
The ACT announced section retesting and superscoring, starting in September 2020.

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