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Dr. George is the best tutor that our family has ever used. No one else is even close.

Confident Perdocere student prepped and ready for the SAT.

There are no real switch hitters, unless settling for mediocrity. Students at school have different teachers for each subject, and for the SAT and ACT a different subject matter expert is needed for the math and verbal sections. Other “supposed” preeminent tutoring firms tout math tutors that don’t actually have degrees in the field nor even in a related discipline. Search the web and read the bios yourself. Sorry to flame, but really? My Ph.D. is in theoretical quantum mechanics. Call me for the proven best math prep to have your child educated correctly and excel.

Proud to provide exceptional one-on-one math tutoring for the SAT, ACT, and SAT subject tests. I take a unique approach to teaching the math portions of these tests – I actually teach the material! No tricks that try to replace learning and comprehension, no gimmicks with fancy names, no relying on memorizing formulas. High scores are earned through a combination of the best tailored instruction and steady progress by the student. My students consistently achieve top scores and develop creative problem solving skills for success now and in the future. Remember, the goal is not just to get into your college of choice, but also to succeed there!

  • Teach the material in the way each individual student learns best.
  • Drill and dissect practice exams.
  • Detailed decomposition of and clear solutions to problems.
  • Solve a problem many different ways.
  • Develop real problem solving skills, no memorization.
  • Expose underlying themes and question categories.
  • Time management and test taking strategies.
  • Build self-esteem and confidence for test day.
  • Let the student relish in their victory as a skilled problem solver.

The journey is a master apprentice relationship between your child and myself. The SAT or ACT have been approached wrongly by too many. These tests represent opportunities to correctly learn material from high school and develop superb problem solving skills. Use them to the advantage of the student, who not only benefits enormously from the process, but also feels a great sense of accomplishment by earning high scores. With this in hand, your child becomes further equipped for future college success. Call and I will explain the process in detail, from building or rebuilding foundations to acing the test.

When choosing to take the SAT or ACT (or both), the most certain way to determine whether a student has a propensity for one test over the other is to take a separate practice test for each. I analyze the results of these practice tests with the student by going over problems while assessing abilities and capabilities. I discover strengths, weaknesses, and learn how each individual student learns best. It is usually straight forward to then determine which test is better suited for the student and how to proceed with teaching and obtaining high scores. Single tests that attempt to determine this propensity suffer from a lack of consideration for a wide variety of factors (others use single tests because it is easier for them, not better for the student). The math portions of the SAT and ACT are distinctly different and require very different preparation.

Results matter and the most important validation is what parents and students have to say, so please take a moment to read the constantly growing list of hundreds of detailed parent and student testimonials with prominent named confirmations. Reading through these reviews will be more informative than anything I could write on this web site.

Very well prepped for the SAT or ACT.

Practice problems in blue appear throughout my website and change periodically. Topics and difficulties vary. Have your children try them.

Easy problem. Solve this system of equations for x and y. No calculator. One relaxed minute should do.

\[\begin{array}{c} \color{blue} { \eqalign{ & \frac{1}{x} + \frac{1}{y} = 1 \cr & \frac{3}{x} \,\, – \, \frac{2}{y} = 8 \cr} } \end{array}\]


800 – we thought that sort of score was something unattainable – something that only a few gifted students achieved. And now our son (who we love dearly but never considered to be a particularly gifted math student) has brought home 800s twice – once on the SAT Math and once on the SAT Math Level-2 Subject Test. We attribute so much of this achievement to George. He restructured fundamentals and taught our son to enjoy math once again. George consistently challenged and pushed – but never too much. He displayed patience and a wonderful gift for explaining things. As our son told us, George not only works through problems but teaches how everything evolved and why everything is what it is. We couldn’t ask for a better teacher. We really don’t have enough adjectives to describe George’s teaching ability. He is absolutely the best teacher that we have ever seen!!! George – your job with number one son is almost done – it is now time to move to number two.”
(800 Math SAT, 800 Math Level-2 Subject Test)

Practice problems in blue appear throughout my website and change periodically. Topics and difficulties vary. Have your children try them.

The following problem is tricky – take your time, think carefully.

Question: A father is three times as old as his son was at the time when the man was twice as old as his son will be in two years. What are the current ages of the father and son if the sum of their ages now is 55 years.


SAT News:
The College Board has announced Landscape, a new rendition of its Environmental Context Dashboard (ECD).

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ACT News:
The ACT announced section retesting and superscoring, starting in September 2020.

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