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Math tutoring for college freshmen is a specialty – transition to college without stress and ace your class. You may be pre-med, economics, business, etc. and have to do well in calculus. You may be taking a quantitative reasoning class and want to satisfy your requirement, happily pursue your concentration, and never see math again. Whatever your needs, I will help you ace the course by teaching the material in an easily understandable way, providing clear explanations, working out problems, studying for tests and quizzes together, and removing stress. All tutoring is provided only by me using convenient online technologies, see the example pictures below.

Interactive online and mobile technologies, whiteboard and voice. Getting the very best help couldn't be easier.
Interactive online and mobile technologies, whiteboard and voice. Getting the very best help couldn’t be easier.

I don’t know how I would’ve made it through calculus, physics or organic chemistry without George. I often had these classes with multiple upper level biology courses to deal with in the same semester, having George as a tutor gave me the extra help I needed. George was always available for help with homework or extra help before an exam. He never left me on my own, he was constantly checking on me to make sure I was doing ok with the material. Did I need more help? How was I feeling about the exam? The moral support was important to me, because sometimes it helped just to talk before and after an exam. I can definitely say I would not have done as well as I did in any of my physics, calculus or organic chemistry classes without George. Even with classes where I knew I could be ok on my own, George helped break down and explain the material in different ways so that I could really excel. Most importantly, George helped me get rid of the notion that I wasn’t good at math or chemistry or physics, he helped me see that I could get really good grades in those classes and feel better about using what I learned in other classes. I would highly recommend George for anyone looking to improve their GPA and their confidence in their math and science abilities.(college math and science student)

Before George I was almost failing. Once I had begun with George, I could finally understand the material, and I was able to build my knowledge based around the fundamental skills George taught me. I finished the course as one of the most confident students in such a difficult rigorous class, getting thirty-eight points above class average on the final.  I owe so much for the help I got from George. I don’t think there’s anything he can’t do.(college calculus student)

“I came into college wanting to be pre-med, but all I kept hearing about were students who came in being pre-med and dropping it after a semester or two. I still wanted to try at least to keep my options open.  My first year of college I struggled through general chemistry, and then managed my way through Calculus-I but ended up having to drop Calculus-II.  I went through high school struggling through math, and since George has been my tutor in college I am an A student in Calculus-II. Not only does George help me understand the material from class, he goes above and beyond the syllabus and makes sure that I’m ahead of the game. He’s always available to help with math, or even just to talk if I’m feeling stressed out. This past winter, I was feeling very stressed out because my grades weren’t the best and I was doubting if I should bother continuing on the pre-med track. George helped me lay out a plan for the rest of college and assured me that he would help me every step of the way to get the best grades I possibly could for applying to medical school. He has helped me so much, not only with grades but with confidence academically. I’m so glad that he is my tutor and advisor because I know that whatever I decide to pursue after college I will have the grades and the confidence to do it.”
(recent medical school graduate!)

George gave our son the tools and confidence to achieve results above and beyond what he believed was possible. He is a terrific teacher.(college calculus parents)