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For over thirty years and a decade online, my private students earned the highest grades. I hold a Ph.D. from Harvard (was also admitted to doctoral programs at Yale and Princeton), a B.S. from MIT, and personally provide one-on-one instruction online from Boston. While properly teaching the material, I craft thinkers and creative problem solvers – a true teaching and mentoring relationship.

Endorsements from Top People at Harvard & Caltech and Hundreds of Testimonials

The most important validation is what parents, students, and other educators have to say, so please read the growing list of hundreds of testimonials with prominent named verifications. Reading through the achievements of my students will be more informative than anything I could possibly write.

Private tutoring is the highest form of teaching, and quality depends solely on the instructor. Below is a small sampling of my reputation, and a very large and growing list is here.

✏️ From:
Marlyn E. McGrath
Director of Admissions
Harvard University

“I think George is not merely a tutor – he is a real educator. He knows that what helps students perform well on tests is the same as what makes them good students. A solid academic foundation pays dividends throughout schooling and careers, and George never loses sight of that in his work.”

✏️ From:
Prof. William A. Goddard III
Charles and Mary Ferkel Professor of Chemistry and Applied Physics
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

“I have known George for decades. He has a very clear and dramatic effect enabling students to think and rise to their full potential. George’s influence on so many lives has had significant impact, and I greatly admire him for doing this.”

✏️ “Our daughter was over her head and sinking fast in an advanced chemistry class when we called George. He immediately made us feel that our problem was his problem and that he would do whatever it took to improve matters. Never mind that time was tight; he would fit her in, starting within a couple of days; he wanted copies of her old assignments to track where she had gone off course and copies of her textbook and syllabus to track where she needed to be and devise a plan to get her there. By the end of the first two-hour session, he had identified and plugged important gaps in her understanding and, even more importantly, replaced panic with hope. The first test after tutoring began was two letter grades higher than the last one before she started with him. George’s knowledge is deep and broad, and he is a genius at tailoring the material for the particular student–and at proceeding in a calm, encouraging way that tells them they CAN succeed if they are taught in a way that makes sense to them.”

✏️ “Our student’s first week of school vacation has been exciting to say the least! He’s already six chapters into his AP Chemistry book for next fall and because he respects Dr. George very much; he’s enthusiastic about hitting the books. His “A’s” in both Honors Geometry and Honors Chemistry came in the mail yesterday and the smile on his face was priceless! Thank you George!”

✏️ “George is a tutor extraordinaire. He is a born teacher who genuinely enjoys the kids he teaches and the work he does. He inspires his students to do their best and is able to establish a rapport with each of them. George has tutored my three teens for several years, responding to each one’s different abilities. He has helped them in all kinds of math, chemistry, physics, ACT, SAT – you name it, George can handle it! George has given each one a very positive learning experience, leading to greater self-confidence and enthusiasm for the subject matter. George has a wonderful ability to present concepts in a highly organized manner. All three of my kids report that George’s explanations are better than what they receive at school and help them to really understand the concept as opposed to a mechanical application of ‘the rule’. None of the three ever grumbled about working with George. If they are having difficulty with a topic, they don’t panic because they know George will explain it and help them understand the issues.”

✏️ “For the last two years, George has done everything he could to help me in both AP Chemistry, and Honors Precalculus. My grades improved significantly in a very short period of time, and were maintained throughout the school year thanks to him. He knows the material very well, he is extremely good at explaining it in simple terms, and above all, he is a very easy person to get along with. I highly recommend George as a tutor, not only for the effort and attention he put into preparing each of my lessons, but also because I know he invests that same effort and attention in every lesson he gives.”

✏️ “Thank you for your excellent help during our daughter’s absence from school. She returned not missing a beat in Trig and Chemistry. Not only that, your joy in teaching the material and encouragement further increased her interest in both subjects and boosted her confidence. We hope you will be able to continue working with her – it is such a pleasure to watch a child bloom academically!”

✏️ “George not only taught me math and chemistry, but taught me in a way that was practical and easy. Compared to school teachers, George actually explains things in a simple way and most importantly taught me how to think through any problem, which is by far the most valuable lesson I have learned from him.”

✏️ “All three of my children are tutored by George in math, chemistry, and physics. Not only is George capable of tackling all three different subject areas, he is able to relate to the very different learning styles of each child.”

✏️ “Having George as my math and chemistry SAT tutor was a very very different experience compared to other tutors. He could identify exactly what I needed not just in terms of the things I was studying but also in terms of the broader plan. His teaching method was also very patient, effective, and thorough, and I could understand all the material with ease. Having tutoring sessions with him has taught me much more than math and chemistry. I also learned many other things such as study methods. He is a highly recommended tutor.”

✏️ “After having George as an AP Chemistry tutor my sophomore year, I felt that I couldn’t go wrong in choosing him as my math SAT tutor. George’s sessions allowed me to feel confident and fully prepared for the test. He had the resources and exceptional test-taking strategies I was looking for and needed in order to improve my score. George himself looks over our practice tests and pinpoints our mistakes, and then works on developing a strategy to strengthen these weak areas. George truly cares that each and every one of us improves; the amount of time he spends reviewing every single practice test we take shows his dedication to perfection. The SAT test itself felt incredibly simple compared to his course, which was a wonderful feeling. I urge others to use George as their tutor. His course allowed me to achieve a score of 790 on the math section of the SAT, and I have no doubt that he will help me achieve great success in the future.”

✏️ “George is an amazing teacher. He is the best tutor a parent can hire to help their child succeed in both mathematics and science. George is true to his thorough teaching; he goes beyond the knowledge taught at school to explain concepts. Having George as a tutor has been invaluable to me throughout high school. Whether you seek to improve grades in school, or simply to study advanced topics, no one can do a better job at helping you than George. George taught me basic calculus the summer before my AP Physics B course, which allowed me to view physics in a whole different perspective than the rest of my classmates, and has led me to decide to major in Biophysics next fall. And as I sit in my AP Calculus class this year, I can only smile and think, ‘George has taught me well.’ ” (High School AP Chemistry, Honors Pre-Calculus, AP Physics, and AP Calculus Student)

Highest Chemistry Grades – Online

Every lesson I give is one-on-one and customized to the needs of my students. Two-way writing while working through problems online engages a student and inspires learning. It’s about imparting knowledge, crafting thinkers, developing creative problem solvers, and of course getting the highest grades.

“Teach a student how to learn and think, and they will be successful for life.” • Dr. George, Ph.D.